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Design Dilemma: The Lounge Wall

By | April 11, 2013

Morning all! Allow me to introduce you to one angle of my lounge, home to the super comfy Snowdrop Sofa from


Ignore the awful framing of the photo, we’re looking at the back wall here rather than all the surrounding stuff! For the last few months this area has really started to bug me. Whilst I love the squishy sofa and the vintage ladder , the plain white mirror on the white wall is looking a bit lost. I’ve spent many a minute having a look for some inspiration to change the space with the aim to add more colour and create more of a feature on the wall.

A few options worth considering:

A single striking frames image over a sofa draped with throws. (Source:: SF Girl by Bay). One picture

Taking the stag trend to the absolute max with a bit of taxidermy. (Source:: SF Girl by Bay). Though I would opt for a cardboard version!
Deer head

My favourite option, a gallery wall in a consistent style. (Source:: Apartments I Like).
Gallery wall

Or perhaps mixing it up a bit with a mixed gallery wall featuring plates and monograms alongside framed prints. (Source:: WCN Magazine)Mixed Gallery

Or lose the prints and just stick to plates (Source:: Via Little Blue Deer).plate wall

And finally, I could change the plain mirror for something a tad more ornate. (Source:: French by Design)Mirror

Would love to know your thoughts. Which option would you go for?

Lauren x

P.S Hopefully more eBay purchases should arrive tomorrow so I hope to share the office updates with you very soon!

Etsy Pick: Jessica Illustration

By | April 9, 2013

I’m finding myself drawn to watercolour prints at the moment and am desperately trying to find a suitable home for this beautiful creation, Elegant Rapture so that I can add it to my Etsy shopping bag.
Evening Rapture

Jessica Durrant’s Etsy shop, Jessica Illustration ooozes glamour with a stunning selection of fashionable prints.
If you’re afraid of colour, adding a watercolour painting or print to your home can add a hint of colour without being too bold. Alternatively opt for one of Jessica’s monochrome styles.
There’s a whole load of gorgeousness to choose from and if you’re feeling flush you can also splash out on an original.

monochrome_jessica_durrantLeft to right: I remember you £17.43 | Trees as veins £17.43 | Knocked up £16.76

Which one would you go for? x

Inspiration: Office Styling

By | April 4, 2013

As I type, Mr C is outside with a saw making me some rather fabulous oak shelves. This can only mean one thing – the office is on its way!Office StylingImage sources:: Stacked Books | Grey Desk | Pink Washi Tape | Pink Pencils | Stacked Boxes | Ribbon Spools | Anthropologie Mug | Anglepoise Lamp | Kraft Clipboard

As the office area is at the back of the lounge, I want it to blend in rather than stick out like a sore thumb and so I’m extending the greyish blue, pink and white colour scheme that’s currently in the living room. I’m hoping it will all turn out something along the lines of the moodboard above.

I’m planning on stacking a load of my interiors books, stashing my craft supplies into boxes and downsizing my mega sized inspiration board to a mini clipboard version. On my wish list is an Anglepoise Lamp, and I’ll be certifying myself as a real life proper blogger with an Anthropologie Monogram Mug!

Am hoping to be done very soon so fingers crossed they’ll be photos to follow next week. Have you created an office out of wasted space?

Lauren x

Actions for April

By | April 2, 2013

Morning! Hope you all had a lovely Easter and that the sun finally shone in your neck of the woods.
As it’s my first post in April it’s time for me to run through my April to-do-list.

Creating an Office Space

This month, I’m hoping to put a bit of dead space to good use and carve out a little office area.

officeImage source:: Glitter Guide

I’ve had a vintage bureau at the back of my lounge for quite a while but it’s been bursting at the seams with my excessive collection of craft supplies. The whole space needs a rejig and some extra shelving to create an office area that’s in keeping with the rest of the lounge.

A Blank Canvas

Still in the lounge, the space above the three-seater sofa is ready for a make-over. At the moment, it’s home to a large white mirror but I’m planning on creating a bit of a focal point. blank canvasImage source:: Ian Stevenson

The question is, do I go for a gallery wall, a huge print, or something all together a bit different?

Kitchen Seating

After my Cox and Cox post a few weeks ago, I have realised that we definitely need some industrial style stools to finish off the kitchen. StoolsImage source:: Cox and Cox

I’ll be on the hunt this month for a cheaper option than these gorgeous specimens!

What’s on your list for April. Do share! x