Curated by Lauren C, Fairly Light aims to be an interior design and lifestyle blog capturing snippets of inspiration and decoration.
As the daughter of a Decorator, Lauren spent her childhood immersed in interior decoration. Thankfully her style has evolved from sponging and stencilling!

Lauren is lucky enough to have a great day job in the corporate world, but spends her evenings and weekends getting creative by moodboarding, treasure troving and crafting to reinvent the 19th century cottage she shares with her husband. More recently she has been found backstage assisting the Rock My Wedding team with all sorts of pretty on their styled editorial shoots.

In no particular order Lauren likes; spots, stripes, chevrons, polaroids, avalanche roses, mercury glass, candle light, open fires, sequins, glitter, comfy beds, hot baths, chilled bubbles, summer evenings, fairy lights, paris, stags, postcards, white china, burlap, linen and ticking, typewriters, handwritten letters, friends, family, being married,  laughter, dancing and a whole lot of prettiness.

If you’d like to say hello, please contact Lauren at lauren@fairlylight.co.uk

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