By | March 17, 2014

So sorry for the long absence. I am thoroughly enjoying myself over on Rock My Style but it’s really lovely to be back over on Fairly Light!

Lounge Before

As well as being extremely busy in my new job we’ve also set ourself the task of having the house finished by May. Mr C has been working flat out painting, sawing and drilling to meet our deadline.

One spontaneous decision we made wasn’t on our to-do-list but we are over the moon with our choice.
My Parents own a beautiful home that is always so cosy and welcoming. After spending a few days with them over Christmas we both came back to our cottage and remarked on how our lounge slate floor really wasn’t helping with the overall cosy look we wanted to go for. The seed was planted.

There were many factors that made us choose our current house but one of them was the beautiful slate floor. It was ultra chic and elegant and kept the house cool during unexpected heatwaves. As we all know, the UK is more prone to cooler weather than warm and more often than not the lounge was cold. I always hated that when people came round they’d hover over the floor not wanting to put their toes on the icy slate.

Fast forward a couple of months and we find ourself at our friends new home; a gorgeous cottage with huge inglenook fireplace and plush carpet. We were toasty warm all evening (that could have been the vino though) and so the following day we found ourself in the carpet shop.

A few days later we had a huge roll of carpet and lots of squiggly underlay delivered and two very friendly chaps fitted into place. They kindly used glue to attach the gripper rods in place so there’s no damage to the floor should we wish to reveal the slate again. Lounge with Carpet
I don’t have any professional pics of the during and after so apologies you’ll have to make do with my iPhone ones but hopefully you get the gist. The very lovely before shot was taken by Adam Crohill. In real life, I wouldn’t say the room has lost any of its charm and it’s now toasty warm.

How about you? Would you have covered the floor? I swore I’d never do it but it makes so much difference!

A Glimpse in to Christmas

By | December 20, 2013

I wrote a few weeks ago about my collection of white and grey decorations so today I’m going to take you on a very brief festive house tour.

First up, the lounge. I’ve been unable to take a decent picture of the Christmas tree on my iPhone and so there’s just a few peeks in these images.  I’ve also come to the conclusion that next year I need a whole load more lights to drape across the branches. Christmas Lounge
As I imagine most people do, I buy 4 or 5 new baubles and each winter to liven things up a bit. Any hanging trinket that’s grey or white is welcome in this scheme with a few sparkly little numbers to get in to a festive mood.
I really go to town with the candles at this time of year. I’m pretty sure the ‘Happy Christmas grey tin was a from a trip to Chatsworth House, and the rest have been picked up over the years from The Nest at No.9 , Wilkinsons and more recently Next.
I’ve opted for a large clump of eucalyptus to fill my Sunbury Antiques jar. It smells divine and finishes off this little corner of the lounge well.

Back in September, I finally received a new wooden cabinet for the Dining Room. The fairy lights inside will be there all year round but I’ve added a faux garland from Ikea to envelop across the top. This too is dotted with fairly lights (that somehow seem to change from a soft glow to an crazy dancing mode whenever my back is turned). ChristmasDiningRoom
I’ve also hung a glitter wreath across the door (from HomeSense a few years ago) and a paper star in the window.

On to the kitchen! Those of you who follow me on Instagram will know I have a little tree in here which is perfect for lighting up the very cold mornings. I’ve also hung a few decorations on the doors to as well as this beautiful bell wreath that looks as thought it’s been dipped in cocoa powder! Christmas Kitchen
Finally I’ve also decked out the bathroom with a rather festive glitter ball as well as a few honeycomb balls from Within Reason. I was absolutely gutted to take down last years snowflakes, and with good reason too as they’re now a bit too damaged to hang in place.
Over the next few days, I’ll be bringing in more foliage from the garden to cram into little vases and vessels. I’ll also light even more candles and really enjoy the house before the bare and minimal January begins!

Have a great weekend before Christmas.

Lauren x