Decor Dilemma: Katie’s Hall

By | October 17, 2013

Morning all, I’m shaking things up a bit this week with what I hope might be a regular series on Fairly Light. Recently I was contacted by Katie, a Twitter follower, to see if I would be happy to offer a few recommendations on a decor dilemma. Though Katie isn’t a stranger (we met virtually through Rock My Wedding), I was very flattered to be asked by someone other than my Mum or best friend for a spot of interiors advice.

Over to Katie…..

“Basically, I’m having a bit of an issue with my hallway as it’s quite an awkward space. 
We’re about to have the awful magnolia walls decorated (pale grey walls with a feature wall of Cole & Son’s Cow Parsley wallpaper in yellow). You’ll see on the pictures the space under the stairs where the side table is. That’s where the paper will be going – you may spot the wallpaper sample on the wall too! decor_dilemma_2 In addition, the carpet will also be replaced with a wood floor – however that’s a more long term project!
My issue is with the space opposite the side table. We have a couple of sockets there which are an eye sore and it just looks bare. I’m really unsure what type of thing would work in that space, furniture-wise. I’d like to put a bit of a gallery wall with pictures on some of the space – we have some lovely photography of places we’ve been on our travels.
If you can offer me any top line thoughts or advice for what you think may work I’d be so grateful, as everything I’m looking at really isn’t right.
hanks so much! xx”

I’m in love with Katie’s wallpaper and paint choices and am a sucker for a wooden floor. Also how much space is in this hall?!

From a furniture perspective I quickly disregarded a tall bookcase or perhaps a tall skinny chest of drawers as I thought that it would be too domineering in what is a really lovely open, sweeping space. I did think about a nice upholstered chair but again thought this might be awkward in the space as it’s a shame to disrupt the wide expanse.

My next thought was to include a side table, however rather than a low one I would suggest a tall table, perhaps with thin legs such as this one in Danielle Moss’ apartment to make the most of the space. I suggest topping this off with a lamp and a mirror hung portrait ways so that you get maximum use of the wall and a soft glow on what will be grey walls. Option1_Side Table

Another thought was to make the most of the L shape by adding a mini storage space (rather like a mud room, but without the mud) potentially adding an upholstered bench, adding hooks (for glam accessories rather than the wet suits that adorn this sweet Meg Braff designed space) and a picture ledge to rest the travelling photos against. Obviously the New England style shown here wouldn’t suit the style of Katie’s home, but you get the idea! Option2_MiniMudRoom

However, I think my most favourite suggestion would be a corner floor to ceiling gallery wall. Perhaps not quite so cluttered as this one (found via Danish site Bolig), but with a decent, even spacing between all the frames. Wrapping around the two walls would create a real focal point and a place for guests to gather to have a good look through all the pictures. I know Katie is conscious that the entryway sets the whole tone of the house and so I think this would make a really welcoming addition. Adding a nice leafy bit of foliage in the form of a tall, lean plant might also break up the space and add an extra dimension to a wall of pictures. Option3_Corner Gallery Wall

Now, I open up the floor to you lovely lot. Please drop me (and Katie) a comment if you have any thoughts on how to add some va-va-voom to a hallway.

Lastly, thanks to Katie for sharing her hall. I can’t wait to see how you finally decorate the space!

Lauren x

14 thoughts on “Decor Dilemma: Katie’s Hall

  1. bonnyandclyde

    What a beautiful idea for such a gorgeous space. I cant wait to see what it will look like and love the idea of fairly light offering fab interior advice on a regular basis xxx

  2. Philippa

    I love your palette, Katie, that’s going to look fabulous. I have a similar-ish issue and seriously love that tripod table as a solution (tracked down to Lulu & Georgia btw, – if anyone can find a UK version I’d be everso grateful!) Seriously considering submitting my problem hallway corner as a decor dilemma too!

    I think in Katie’s hall, of the 3 options for me, the gallery wall is the best way to add interest without detracting from the useable space. I’d recommend a weeping indoor fig tree too.

  3. Bex Hughes

    A great new addition to the blog! I have a bathroom that needs some ideas so I hope this becomes a regular feature!

  4. princesskates

    Thanks for the feedback and suggestions ladies! Have to admit, I’m so torn between 1 and 3.

    Definitely need a lamp in there, so leaning towards option 1 I think. Am desperate to find that table though! Had discovered Achica sold it in a recent sale and it should be repeated in the next 6 to 12 weeks… fingers crossed!


    1. Fairly Light

      Am loving the detective work Katie! Please drop me a line when achica sell the table again.
      Can’t wait to see your ‘after’ pictures. The wallpaper is divine!

  5. princesskates

    Thank you for the feedback ladies, much appreciated!

    Really torn between 1 and 3, although after coming home in the dark this evening I think I need to think practically about it too… so it may well be number 1 that I go for!


  6. Emma

    Loving this new feature – and personally I love option 3….a gallery wall is one of my favourite ever decor features :) xx

  7. Martha

    Love this feature too. Just starting out on a couple of home decor projects (study and our bedroom) so may well be coming here for help too :)


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