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PInk Globe Hello there!

Firstly I wanted to apologise for the delay in posting. Here we are at the end of January and this is my first post of 2014!

The truth is I have been massively busy over the last few months and just haven’t had the time to write a Fairly Light post.

As some of you know, last year I was approached by the founder of wedding blog, Rock My Wedding to help out with the styling of their editorial shoots, alongside doing a little big of social media management for them. I’ve been doing this alongside my day job for quite sometime and I must admit sometimes struggled with juggling a part time role against all my other commitments.

And then in September I was presented with the most incredible opportunity. Charlotte was planning on launching a new lifestyle blog covering interiors, beauty, fashion, culinary delights and travel and asked me to join them for the ride!

I am hugely proud to announce that Rock My Style launched earlier this week and the response has been incredible. As Deputy Editor I get to style my own shoots and cover topics beyond the world of interiors.

With this has come a huge lifestyle change and next week I walk away from full time employment. I am completely and utterly petrified but exhilarated at the same time.

So what does this mean for Fairly Light? Well the truth is I’m just not sure. I do intend to keep this blog up to date with my own personal DIY projects (which was precisely the point of starting in the first place) but I’m pretty sure inspiration and shopping posts will find their way over to Rock My Style. Either way I hope you’ll join me for the journey!

Warmest wishes,

Lauren x

P.S. Photography by Adam Crohill from our very first Rock My Style shoot.

11 thoughts on “Adventures

  1. Holly Mia Leech

    I was wondering if you were still going to do this blog having seen that you were now doing RMS! Pleased to hear that you’re still going to be updating this one with DIY projects! We’ve just heard that our offer has been accepted on our first home – very excited and very scared at the same time! It is a complete shell of a house at the moment so we can’t wait to put our own stamp on it and I’m sure that I will be getting lots of inspiration from here and RMS!

    Congratulations on your new fantastic job!

    Holly Mia x

  2. Tracey F

    Congratulations again Mrs C!!

    We will definitely miss you at work but you are going to be FAB at this. I’m really looking forward to reading the new posts on Rock My Style :)


  3. Lisa J

    You are amazing. The blog is stunning. It’s the best decision you will ever make and I love the fact my 2 best friends now work together!!!! Love u lots and good luck to your next adventure. Can’t wait to see more of you now you’re working my neck of the woods. Here’s to lots of prosecco!!! Xxxxxxxxxx

  4. Doris

    A big congratulations Lauren! What a great opportunity. I wish you all the best in your new role. You’ll be fine, you have such great taste :-) xx

  5. Victoria Ross

    I hope you can continue updating this blog. I love it! :( However, some things have to fall apart so others can fall together is how the saying goes. Congrats on all of your accomplishments!



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